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Want to cook more this year or more importantly, would you like your children to cook more this year?

Enjoy your own private cooking experience with MistryChef

There are no Jalfrezis, Baltis or anything of the sort here, just fresh, tasty, homemade Indian curries from scratch!

If your palate is used to a mass produced, sweet neon curry, I’m afraid I will disappoint.

We cook honest, fresh easy curries that will reawaken your taste buds and will have a beneficial effect on one’s health & well being.

Each class is carefully planned according to the needs of my clients, and no two clients are the same. A masterclass could take up to five hours of planning, preparing to delivering....and cleaning!

My main objective is for clients to go away equipped with the confidence to recreate dishes at home therefore reducing the need for processed food as well as having a delicious homemade Indian meal to enjoy.

My best advocates are my clients, I am meeting people that I ordinarily wouldn't have crossed paths with.

It's a learning curve for me too and I'm enjoying the challenge!

What's included?

A class of your choice and a delicious, fresh home cooked meal for you to takeaway

Classes are inclusive of ingredients & equipment

Thinking  of the environment, you may wish to bring a bag & containers to take your creations away in

Recipes will be emailed over

Prices are the same for children & adults, I do not cut corners, portion sizes/time is consistent regardless of age


Classes are held in my home kitchen, near Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire

Class Times

These times are approximate and may vary during school holidays.   

Monday - Friday - Please message/email me for availability

Saturday -  11am

Sunday is a family day, however, a class is possible if you are unable to attend a Saturday class!

For school holiday bookings, please email/message me for availability 

Why is there a limited choice of classes?

At the moment, this formula seems to be working. Classes are on a trial basis and may change according to demand.

Clients are going away confident enough to recreate dishes at home, this is my primary aim.

I am working on a few new ideas, keep an eye on this page to see what pops up!


Classes are for a maximum of two clients, I can take up to four if you know each other and don't mind waiting your turn to cook your chapatis!




£70 per client (max 2)

Chicken curry (choose from curry sauce or instant marinade)

Please note, onions will be prepared beforehand.

Vegetable Curry



Class duration - Up to 2.5 hours


Bite Size Chicken

£35 per client (max 2)

Chicken curry (choose from curry sauce or instant marinade)

Please note, onions will be prepared beforehand.



Cumin Infused Rice

Class duration - 1 hour


Bitesize Veg

£30 per client (max 2)

Choose from peas, cauliflower, cabbage, aubergine, spinach, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, broccoli or mung beans/mung daal



Cumin Infused Rice

Class duration - 1 hour


Mung Bean

£30 per client (max 2)

Google the 'health benefits of mung bean', this emerald green lentil has potent health benefits. High in protein, low in fat.

High in fibre, great for anyone struggling to digest their food on a daily basis.



Cumin Infused Rice

Class duration - 1 hour



£15 per client (max 2)

Learn how to make this moreish flatbread filled with spinach, fenugreek & spices

Class duration - Up to 1 hour

Allergen  information - Parathas contain wheat, clarified butter and sesame seeds 



£10 per client (max 2)

There is no need to roll a perfect circular shape, I have seen many shapes in my classes, an even thin consistency is key to the magical 'puff''

Class duration - Up to 1 hour

Allergen information - Chapatis contain wheat