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"the food was delicious"

Spent this morning having a lesson with my mum an it was amazing. The food was delicious and we had great fun too! Would definitely recommend. MistryChef you are fabulous.


"the difference in taste in cooking everything fresh is astonishing"

Thanks for a wonderful morning of cooking. Not only did I come home with a veritable feast for all my family, I have recipes, tips and techniques galore, which I can't wait to use. The difference in taste in cooking everything fresh is astonishing and I feel well prepared to give it a go after your great instruction.


"gift voucher for my 18th birthday, i look forward to putting it into practice at uni"

Cooking with MistryChef changed my perceptions of cooking Indian food. The way it was taught was simple, and easy. I felt special as it was a private class, no pressure to roll the perfect chapati! Very pleased with this unique, yet beneficial gift voucher given to me for my 18th birthday which I look forward to putting into practice at Uni.


"cooking with mistrychef was a very rewarding & enjoyable experience"

I have always been a lover of Indian food & when my daughter gave me a gift voucher for a cooking lesson, I could not have been more thrilled! It gave me the opportunity to discover how to use the correct herbs & spices and cooking with MistryChef was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Preparation was the key to everything with all the ingredients on hand before starting anything. The lesson was conducted in a relaxing & very informative manner. Following the easy instructions, it was a pleasure to see (and taste) the final results. Within the time allowed, I cooked five dishes and these received a thumbs up from my family, so much so, my grand daughter immediately booked a lesson. I would not hesitate in recommending the experience.


"perfect for anyone wanting to learn about indian cooking"

I bought a gift voucher for my boyfriend's 18th birthday. We both enjoyed our lesson and learnt many easy & delicious recipes! The atmosphere is very friendly & relaxing, perfect for anyone wanting to learn about Indian cooking and we have both already recreated the recipes with great success!



A really great morning with MistryChef learning how to cook real Indian food and finding out some of the secrets to making really flavoursome food. Atmosphere was very friendly and the one to one tuition was brilliant as it's tailored to your skills. I would highly recommend and will be back for more!!


"who needs medication when you can use all those spices to make you feel good!"

Thank you so much for a beautiful morning. You 100% teach that Indian food is tasty and healthy. Who needs medication when you can use all those spices to make you feel good!


"it was very easy to understand"

I had a class with MistryChef not long ago to freshen up my cooking skills at only 12 years of age. I was welcomed by a warm, friendly face and got hands on quite quickly. All the ingredients I used had some sort of health benefit or certain taste. She was patient, and it was very easy to understand. She is nice, easy to talk to and would recommend to a friend...actually friends, all of them!


"i never want to open a jar of ready made marinade again now i've tasted the mistrychef way!"

I would totally recommend a cookery lesson with MistryChef. Not only is the food delicious, fresh & colourful, MistryChef is a kind and patient teacher. She quickly puts you at ease and in no time at all you are mastering the basics of really tasty Indian cooking. I love that some recipes were handed to her from her family and you can almost taste the history & tradition. Her passion for cooking from scratch really shines through and I never want to open a jar of ready made marinade again now I've tasted the MistryChef way!


"i look forward to making it again in the near future"

The class was great this morning;I'm sure we will all enjoy the food later for dinner and I look forward to making it again in the near future.